Hello! Thank you for Tuning in to Green Tea anime. Here is 10 random facts about My Hero Academia that really interest me. if you dont like to read or just prefer a video instead please check out my youtube channel GreenTea to watch the top 10. With the introduction out the way let’s start!

number 10

Horikoshi has stated that one of the reasons he decided on a school setting is because he absolutely loves origin stories; specifically seeing how an aspiring hero learns how to become a hero and all the different things a hero must learn and deal with along the way. He’s also stated that the only issue with a school setting is the fact that it limits the overall scope of the series due to the difficulty of adding different potential storylines

Number 9

When Horikoshi first heard that the series was going to be published overseas, he didn’t think anyone outside of Japan would enjoy it. Luckily for him, My Hero Academia became a huge success overseas.

Number 8

Some of Horikoshi’s favorite manga series and inspirations include Dragon Ball, Tekken, Naruto, One-Piece, Boys on the Run, and Akira.

Number 7

In August of 2016, a spin-off prequel series began that was named My Hero Academia Vigilantes. The series isn’t written by Horikoshi, and is instead written by Hideyuki Furuhashi and is illustrated by Betten Court. Thus far, it has received good reception due to it’s darker tone compared to the main series as well as receiving Horikoshi’s seal of approval.

Number 6

Before All Might became the mentor and a symbol of peace that he was meant to be, he was originally meant to play a much lesser role than he would end up playing later on. In the earlier drafts for the character of All Might, he was meant to be a much older veteran hero who would only appear in the beginning of the story to convince a Izuku, or Mikumo, to become a hero even though they didn’t have a quirk.

Number 5

The hero 13 was introduced in chapter 13 on page 13.

Number 4

Out of all the characters, Horikoshi thinks that Fumikage is the coolest, but within the story itself Fumikage doesn’t come across as cool to many.

Number 3

When it comes to the anime, the average episode of My Hero Academia takes around 7,500 to 8,000 unique drawings. For comparison, most other anime take around 4,000 or 5,000 unique drawings. This explains why the anime fight sequences and overall animation comes off as so well polished.

Number 2

While the students were looking at possible hero agencies to intern for, on Todoroki’s paper, at the very bottom, one of the offices is called the Kal-el Hero Office, which is of course a reference to Superman.

Number 1

Although almost everyone in class 1-A are the same age at this point, the youngest in the class by birth date is Shoji while Bakugo is the oldest

Extra fact

Because number 5 was a short one I thought I should add something extra. Midnight was originally meant to be the homeroom teacher for class 1-A; however Horikoshi ended up drawing her way to sexual and felt she would no longer be appropriate for that role. her costume was also slightly different in her early drafts.

That was my top ten random facts about My Hero Academia that I found interesting hopefully you found something interesting about these as well if not let me know. But if you have any facts please feel free to share in the comments below thank you for reading!

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