Hello thank you for clicking on my article and I know why you did it’s Halloween or at least it was when I started writing this but just in case it is happy Halloween. Just like many other people during this time of year I decided to do something spooky and since I’m into anime I decided why don’t I watch one of the best horror anime has to offer. But if you dont like to read or just prefer a video instead please check out my youtube channel GreenTea to watch the review. now since that shameless plug is over buckle up and try to stay sane as we peer into the abyss known as the Junji Ito Collection.

Junji Ito Collection is a horror anime anthology series adapted from the works of manga artist Junji Ito. The series premiered on January 5, 2018, and ran for 12 episodes. Every episode is a different story that follows different people. So out of respect to not spoil any Episodes I will be giving a broad review on the show and try not to let any details slip. Usually when you think of horror anime you might think of something like hellsing or castlevania, this is nothing like those shows at all. I personally don’t really watch to many horror movies I get scared and have nightmares and yes I’m a grown man and I still be having nightmares about chucky. This horror anime is twisted and definitely lives up to the Japanese horror genre. There are certain scenes that made me uncomfortable to watch and the animation felt like a more classic anime than one that came out in 2018. But honestly the horror was just good it wasn’t scary in the way that’s more common in western media. Like the concepts are scary and the animation at times can be scary but it’s more of a disturbing experience. Also sometimes the disturbing ls cool and not like unsettling I honestly had more respect for the artist and the way he drew the characters like he really knew how to make people look frightening. I honestly felt more interested in everything then outright scared. As someone who doesn’t do well with horror I honestly enjoyed the episodes. There was definitely a scary aspect there but the show had really good story telling and the flow of every episode was just right I was flying through episodes like nothing. What appealed the most to me in this show was the art style it’s so unique that I feel like I can’t really mistake it as someone else other than junji ito it’s definitely not the super realistic or the super stylized like most now but it makes me feel like it’s what old anime would look like if it was created now. I don’t know if that makes sense but when you watch it you’ll understand. If you want something creepy and unsettling to watch this show really does the job idk if I’ll have any scary dreams Tonight but I’ll definitely have some weird ones that’s for sure. For that I’ll give this anime a 8/10. Thank you for reading please donate if you enjoyed the review let me know in the comments what you think about the show if you tuned in this Halloween.

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