Hey Green Tea here and today I want to cover an anime that I personally love and saw being disrespected on my timeline. I just couldn’t let the masses slander one of my favorites without doing something so I made a article about it. But if you dont like to read or just prefer a video instead please check out my youtube channel GreenTea to watch me review this anime on there instead. Anyways enough of the formalities and 3. 2. 1 LETS JAM!

Cowboy bebop is this sci-if western Noir created by hajime yatate which is a pseudonym for the sunrise studio’s animation staff. The show follows a crew of bounty hunters in the year 2071 as they soar through space kicking ass and taking names in their spaceship called the bebop. earth is uninhabitable, humanity has colonized every rocky planet and moon in the solar system, and the crime rate is so high that the ISSP or the inter solar system police had to set up a legalized contract system so that they can employ bounty hunters also known as cowboys to help bring in criminals. The series protagonists are a crew of bounty hunters each with a different past that never stops catching up to them. First is the former hitman from a crime syndicate Spike Spiegel. Spike is the leader of the bebop and is also the coolest person in the galaxy who just happens to love the kind of woman that will actually just kill him. Next is Jet Black who is actually black he’s just light skinned, a former ISSP officer. Then we have the late comers con artist/waifu Faye Valentine, The young eccentric girl hacker Edward, and last but not least the genetically engineered corgi Ein.

What more can I say about cowboy bebop that hasn’t already been said. It’s genre breaking, the fight scenes are fluid, and most of all it’s such a good story that even to this day 21 years later  it’s like a breath of fresh air. The anime is one of a kind not to mention the soundtrack is so good that I don’t skip the intro and every time music kicks on in an action scene it makes me want to pay attention even harder. Shout out to yoko Kanno and the seatbelts for the music. You’ll definitely need a seatbelt because this show takes you on for a ride throughout the solar system. Do you want to see spike in Tijuana shooting up a saloon? How about a dude bringing a katana to a gunfight? Let’s just say your more into jets detective story or faye using her mind and sex appeal to basically be one step ahead of everyone while also doing her best to remember her past? There’s something in the show for everyone. It’s definitely action packed and even when there’s nothing going on there’s still deep conversations that leave you thinking about loneliness, and not being able to escape your past along with many other philosophical things that I don’t have the degree to explain. But everyone should give this show a try it’s a classic and there’s a reason why it’s getting a live action Netflix series all I’m saying, while netflixes track record isn’t great it’s also not absolutely completely terrible it’s not like they came up with dragon ball evolution…tbh whoever came up with dragon ball evolution or directed it should honestly stop and never touch a camera again. But back to cowboy bebop if we can get past the wardrobe I feel like this is something that definitely has the potential to be great. But we will see November 19 when it comes out hopefully I won’t have to make a video talking about how shit the series is and how wrong I was. Also even if the new series is terrible the old series is amazing and so are the movies I would definitely recommend watching the movies as well. I actually was able to watch it in theaters and 10/10 if they bring it back to a theater near you go see it, it’s a fun experience.

That’s all from me. I hope you enjoyed this biased review and if you did please follow the blog and also my YouTube channel so you are up to date when I post! Thank you again and if you want to support Green Tea anime please consider donating I would really appreciate it! See you space cowboy…

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