Hello! Thank you for Tuning in to Green Tea anime. In honor of bleach coming back as an anime I decided to cover 10 random facts about bleach that really interest me. if you dont like to read or just prefer a video instead please check out my youtube channel GreenTea to watch the top 10. With the introduction out the way let’s start!

At number 10 we have Gingers have souls the great cartman from South Park once said gingers don’t have souls but because ichigo is able to enter the soul society and also he’s been knocked out his body a lot which proves he in fact has a soul. This raises the question what else has cartman lied to us about?

At number 9 we have Akira Toriyama If it wasn’t for akira toriyama the creator of dragon ball Z, bleach wouldn’t have been made. He wrote the bleach creator Tite Kubo a letter saying not to give up after bleach was initially rejected by shonen jump. If it wasn’t for this encouragement Kubo might have given up on bleach and we never would’ve gotten the series that’s sold over 120 million copies that we all know today. But the real question is can Ichigo beat Goku tho?

At number 8 we have the music in bleach. All the music in bleach was composed by shirou Sagisu the same composer who composed the music for evangelion!

At number 7 we have everyone’s favorite when it comes to anime filler episodes. Because the anime cut out so many arcs and glossed over a lot of key character relationships the anime caught up to the Manga which caused the anime to have to make filler episode which actually lead to the anime to consist of 45% filler episodes. Still not as bad as the ninja war arc in Naruto though.

At number 6 we have Fashion, in bleach the reason why everyone is so fashionable is actually because kubo was fascinated by fashion design as child in elementary so all the designs in bleach are actually designs kubo thought up. There’s a shop actually called Urahara Soten in Tokyo that sells shirts worn by the main protagonist ichigo.

At number 5 we have The initial idea. before we knew bleach as bleach it was named snipe and the main protagonist was not ichigo but actually Rukia this all came from his desire to create a shinigamis wearing a kimono but the idea was dropped and the anime we know as bleach was created instead. Bonus fact because of this the first character ever designed by Kubo was Rukia

At number 4 we have What inspired the creation of Kon. Kubo created kon after witnessing a child disrespect his dad by throwing away a stuffed anime because his dad didn’t buy him the more expensive one that he wanted. Now I understand being mad that your parents aren’t big ballers shot callers but This just goes to show you that one random non memorable memory of you disrespecting your parents and being a bad child could inspire a character in one of the biggest animes ever to exist. Also btw kubo was the first person to ever voice Kon.

At number 3 we have kenpachi’s hair if you don’t know who Kenpachi is he’s one of the strongest of the shinigami captains. Aside from being known as one of the strongest captains he’s also known for his unique hairstyle which is spiked and has a bell at the end of every spike. This unique style takes him several hours to complete and the reason it takes so long mostly is due to one of the spikes being the farthest from his reach so he puts a lot of effort in tying the bell to the point of the spike.

At number 2 we have theme songs, each character has a unique theme song that Kubo draws them too. Ichigo the main protagonist’s theme song is “News from the Front” by Bad Religion.

Finally at number 1 I decided to put a fact about my favorite waifu in the series yoruichi. Her full name was originally going to be Yoruichi Shihouin Kuroneko which translates to “Black Cat.” But Kubo was afraid of sparking any racial debates since she’s a black character so he dropped the kuroneko part of her name.

That was my top ten random facts about bleach that I found interesting hopefully you found something interesting about these as well if not let me know. But if you have any facts please feel free to share I love bleach it definitely deserves its place in the top 3 and so far the comeback has been worth the wait! Thank you for reading please donate if you enjoyed the top 10.

3 responses to “Ten random facts about the anime Bleach”

  1. Roki Avatar

    No. 10 is actually from the youtuber called Coppercab. Cartman parodies the video he made about “gingers have souls” – which to this day, remains as coppercabs most viewed video


    1. heyimgreentea Avatar

      Your right! I forgot all about that video it’s been so long. Great catch

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Roki Avatar

        nw tea! still funny though XDD


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