Hello weebs im Green Tea here and I felt like now would be the perfect opportunity to drop a review on the classic Japanese sports manga series written and illustrated by Takehiko Inoue. Because from what I heard not a lot of people have seen or read the classic even though it is the thirteenth best-selling manga series in history with 120 million copies in circulation. (Still nothing compared to one piece) but There are also reports on a New ‘Slam Dunk’ Anime Movie Now Set for a Fall 2022 Release. Which I am very excited for and hopefully after this article you are too. But if you dont like to read or just prefer a video instead please check out my youtube channel GreenTea to watch me review this anime on there instead.


The series follows our main protagonist Hanamichi Sakuragi, a delinquent who is definitely lovesick and can’t manage to get a girlfriend to save his life. Hopefully this doesn’t sound too familiar but if it does do not worry because after Sakuragi gets rejected for the 50th time he meets a girl named Akagi Haruko who he absolutely falls in love with but the only love in her heart is for basketball. In order to impress her he joins the basketball team and turns from delinquent to athlete. But Once on the team he realizes that while he may have the physical talents he does not by all means have the skill to compete with even the worst basketball player on the enemy team. He also realizes his special someone Haruko has a crush on the best and most attractive player on the team Rukawa. Rukawa then naturally becomes Sakuragi’s rival and they push each other to become Great. 


I’ve seen all 101 episodes of the anime and read all 276 chapters of the manga and I can proudly say this is the best sports anime series I have ever experienced in my life. What more can you ask for the anime has a 90s aesthetic which aged well and gives you that nostalgia that everyone loves, this is also the first anime that i know of that has jordans in the anime like if your a sneaker head this anime has some heat in it, and will definitely make the culture proud. What really drew me in besides the art style and comedy is how much love the creator has for basketball. He didn’t give us any BS when it comes to how players got good. You see how much work and dedication goes into becoming a good player and not just anyone can pick up a basketball and realize they have some magical skill they were born with that makes them unstoppable for some reason. Sakuragi starts at the bottom and slowly makes his way up, gaining important skills like dribbling a basketball, perfecting his shot, and securing rebounds. The creator also shows you the nuance of basketball. I learned so much from the show that usually unless you’re studying basketball you wouldn’t notice. This is definitely one of those shows that if you like your MC to start from nothing and make his way to the top while becoming a beast then you would enjoy this. Also just like every other sports anime when you watch them play the sport everything is so dramatic. You feel every dunk and every buzzer beater is like game 7 in the finals. It honestly feels like you’re one of those seniors on the bench hoping the stars of the team can carry you to a ring for your final season. 

Final thoughts 

I really enjoyed the anime. There’s also a good reason the Manga is number 13 on the all time list. You really connect with the characters and feel for them because if they lose it could be their final time playing basketball and being on a team with their friends. They introduce so many different kinds of players as well throughout the series you can really connect each character with a real life player. Like to me Sakuragi reminds me of Dennis Rodman the way he plays also his attitude and hair very much match that dennis rodman vibe. The only bad thing about Slam Dunk is that it never really finishes the manga goes on longer than the anime but both of them end without a real ending the anime is way more abrupt because it’s in the middle of a tournament but the manga finished the tournament and gives you a little more story that kinda gives you a ending but definitely not a proper ending. I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any feedback please give it to me in the comments good or bad everything is welcomed. Also if you have seen Slam Dunk comment which character reminds you of a real life athlete and why i’m interested in seeing what you all have to say. And If you want more reviews please follow the blog I will be dropping more soon. Thank you!

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