Hey everyone green tea here and today we are talking about 5 classic animes you should be watching, it’s not in any order but I will beg giving a rating at the end of every anime I recommend just to show how much I like it and if you should consider adding it to the long list of animes that you promise yourself you’ll watch but you never do and you just keep rewatching evangelion because your depressed. if you dont like to read or just prefer a video instead please check out my youtube channel GreenTea to watch me cover these animes on that platform instead. With the introduction out the way let’s start.

At number 5 we have kenichi the mightiest disciple. I personally really love animes where the main character starts from 0 and becomes an absolute powerhouse of a human being like I feel like the best thing about this anime besides the fan service is how you really see him train and push himself. I feel like this anime is loved by the same people who like dragon ball, and My Hero Academia. Its pretty funny all his instructors have such eccentric personalities and my favorite besides the weapons ninjutsu girl is definitely the muy Thai instructor he just has a way with words. it’s a semi long anime with over 50 episodes but it’s really good and definitely worth the watch if you love anime about martial arts, high school, bettering yourself, and plot of course who doesn’t like plot. Then this show is the one for you 8.5/10

At Number 4 we have dessert punk I feel like no one really talks about this anime at all like I swear it’s forgotten even though it’s so good and was popular during its time. Dessert punk takes place after a global nuclear catastrophe where Japan has become a dessert and our main protagonist is a mercenary who’s on an adventure just trying to survive and he’s also a horny simp so a lot of you might be able to bond over that but at the same time I’ll simp over Junko too I love her personality. The main protagonist is also really cool and he walks around with a shotgun causing havoc, he really fits the mold of an anti hero because even though he’s fighting bad guys he only really does it if it involves him getting something out of it. it’s a quick 24 episode anime definitely worth the view I’ll give it a 8.5/10

At number 3 we have slam dunk I made a whole other post on slam dunk that you can read but as a quick summary it’s the greatest sports anime of all time to me and it’s actually coming back soon with a movie in 2023. This is a pretty long sports anime it has 101 episodes but it’s definitely worth the watch you see the Main protagonist go from a complete novice to someone you can rely on in a pickup game against try hards at your local LA Fitness. If you love basketball, sports or even just an anime that will show you the Main protagonist putting in work to get better and that it really isn’t all about crazy powers that a few people have I would definitely recommend this 9/10

At number 2 we have Afro samurai this show is a quick one at only 5 episodes but it does have a movie and it is probably one of the best animes ever. This anime was made for the culture and its honestly rewatchable probably the most rewatchable on this list the fight scenes are amazing the music is amazing and Samuel L Jackson’s voice acting gives this anime a top place in my heart. I’m super bias when it comes to this show I just love it was too much and I know you will too 10/10 also this anime also has 2 video games but if your going to play them I would recommend only playing the 1st game the second game is so bad idk how they messed up that sequel but it’s just a buggy mess don’t play it.

At number 1 we have ouran high school host club this anime is a reverse harem anime which might throw some people off but trust me it’s such a charming and funny anime I watched this anime probably way to many times to count when I was younger and it still holds up. It follows the main protagonist as she breaks a really expensive vase that she has to pay back by working in her high school host club that’s all males. They end up dressing her up as a male and she entertains the female students of the academy and of course she also deals with the six boys who work at the host club as well. Overall it’s just a really funny good time that also involves romance and once it’s over you just beg for more but you end up watching it all over again that’s why I give ouran high school host club 10/10 

Thank you for reading please consider donating to support Green Tea anime. If you end up watching any of these animes please let me know I want to know what you think and your ratings of course.

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