Green tea here and today I’m doing another 5 classic animes you should be watching and today I got a fire line up I know everybody will enjoy. But before I start, thank you again for reading, but if you dont like to read or just prefer a video instead please check out my youtube channel GreenTea to watch me cover these animes on that platform instead. With the introduction out the way let’s start.

At number 5 the anime I saw way too young, shuffle. Shuffle is a harem anime where the main protagonist has to choose between a group of girls who all join his highschool class but the crazy thing about them all is they all knew him from childhood but he doesn’t really remember them but they are all in love with him. These girls also aren’t normal either ones an Angel another is a devil and one is just his normal childhood friend. I saw this at the age of 7 and this is definitely not a child friendly anime like there’s a whole episode where he goes to the underwear store with them and they all try on different things. This honestly explains a lot of what’s wrong with me tbh I would watch this anime on old YouTube before they had any regulations and just allowed full episodes be uploaded without any problems. But I’m giving this anime a 7/10 because the main protagonist didn’t choose my waifu and I had to keep shutting off my computer whenever someone would walk into the room while I was watching it.

At number 4 we have Air gear I’ve talked about this on my tik tok I love this anime so much they basically ride around on these things called ATs which are like motorized roller skates and they form teams and compete against each other. If you really like the video game Jet Set Radio you’ll really like this anime it’s definitely right up your alley. Not only does this show have the most unique outro to an anime I’ve ever seen like if you haven’t seen this ending, look it up it’s some guy with a camera running around Tokyo Japan and acting like he’s skating when he’s really not it’s just sped up and in first person. But this show has the right amount of fan service the right amount of shonen like just the right amount of everything you want in an anime the manga is amazing the anime is on Hulu go watch it now and let me know what you think I’ll give it a 10/10 would recommend.

At Number 3 we have shin Chan, this is probably the most popular anime I’ve talked about so far it’s beloved in Japan and globally but I still haven’t seen a lot of people on anitwitter(anime twitter) talk about it that much but if you haven’t seen it it’s probably one of the funniest anime you’ll ever see in your life like I have the Box set of this show I love it so much. It follows a kindergartner named shin and his family the O’Hara family and they are dysfunctional the people around them are dysfunctional but they are also so lovable and funny if you like family guy and those kinds of adult animation you’ll love shin Chan I’ve watched it recently and there’s jokes I didn’t get when I was younger but I do now and it’s so wild they let this show air on tv but I’m so happy they did. I love shin Chan 9.5/10

At number 2 we have a cult classic and probably a top 5 of my all time so this speakers to the impeccable taste I have and that anime is Golden Boy. Get ready to take notes when your watching this anime and please try to keep your pants on and trust me it will be hard to. Everyone I’ve shown this anime to loves it because not only is the main protagonist the horniest man alive, he is also the smartest and funniest person ever. The show follows kintaro a 25 year old freeter basically a guy who does odd jobs all the time as he travels and does odd jobs. You might be thinking oh he’s a bum but actually despite his appearance he met all the requirements to get a law degree but left Tokyo university before graduating so he never got his diploma so he’s basically a really smart bum. The anime is only 6 episodes long and every episode revolves around a new girl and a new odd job in a different part of Japan. I promise if you watch this anime with an open find you’ll realize why it’s beloved and wish that it goes on for 6 seasons instead of 6 episodes and for that I’ll give this a 9/10.

Okay Finally at number 1 we have Dragon Ball naw I’m just kidding we have Ranma ½. This anime follows our main protagonist Ranma who’s is a martial artist who spend his childhood training with his dad in china where they both fell into this mystical and mysterious water where a random creature has I guess died in it or gave power to it idk I haven’t seen this in over a decade but they fall into the water and now whenever they get wet with water his dad turns into a panda and he turns into a girl that’s right this is a gender bender anime strap in or should I say strap on. That might have been to pg 17 but now that all the girls have their backpacks on this anime just basically follows him living with a girl and their romantic relationship along with the relationship they have with other students as they go to school and also sick ass kung fu this is definitely a classic anime you can tell by the art style and it’s a fun one I never really liked these kinds of shows but I watched this as a kid and enjoyed it 8/10

Thank you for reading and hopefully you can tune into my YouTube channel or my other articles and help support Green Tea Anime by donating.

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